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Rates & Reservations

Reservation details, instructions and rate

Check-in & Booking Reservations

Reservations are made through our online reservation portal which can be accessed above on the "BOOK NOW" button. Same-day arrivals are certainly welcome, but please make an online reservation prior to parking your RV in a space. Just because a space is currently empty does not mean it will be for available for the duration of your stay. We try to accommodate guests with specific spot needs but cannot do so if needs are not communicated or a desired space is already lock-in.


Daily Rate:

1 AC Units: $70.00

2 AC Units: $80.00

3 AC Units: $90.00

Weekly Rate

1 AC Units: $305.00

2 AC Units: $340.00

3 AC Units: $385.00

Monthly Rate

1 AC Units: $605.00

2 AC Units: $650.00

3 AC Units: $690.00


  • All rates are subject to change.

  • Rates are based on only 2 adults, each extra adult is an additional $50.00 per month (monthly rate only).

  • Rates are based on the number of working AC units on a trailer to include window units. If no AC unit please reserve under the 1 AC rate.

  • ​Days following a weekly or monthly rate are not prorated to the discounted rate (ex: booking an 8-night stay will result in a weekly rate charge and a daily rate charge)

  • Booking just shy of a month will not receive the monthly rate. Ensure you book for at least 30 days to receive the monthly rate. 

  • At the start of a reservation, all daily, weekly, and monthly rates and payments are locked in, and refunds will not be issued for early departure.


  • Payments are expected to be made online unless arranged with management

  • Long-term guests will be setup for auto-payment

  • Please contact us with specific payment issues or concerns

Additional Nights

  • If you need to stay additional nights, contact us via phone and we will update your reservation

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