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Here are a few common questions. But if you don't see your question or concern please feel free to contact us!


When are camp facilities open?

We know that many of our guests work long and irregular hours. Campground facilities are open 24/7, barring any maintenance. 

How to check-in.

  1. Ensure you booked an online reservation

  2. Park in your reserved spot

  3. Call or text: 432-703-9786 w/ name and space #

  4. If your reserved spot will not work for your RV, please call us.

How to check-out.

  1. Call or text: 432-703-9786 w/ name and space #

  2. If you have a long term booking ensure to inform us ahead of time with the date you are leaving.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are always welcome at West Concho RV Park. For more details about our pet policy refer here.

Where can I receive mail?

We do not offer any mail services but you obtain a post office box at the United States Postal Service, located at 410 Elm St, Sterling City, TX.

Can I move spots?

Yes, however please call and confirm it is okay prior to doing so. We need to make sure it is not already reserved.

Can I make a reservation by phone?

We will take reservations over the phone but ask you first attempt to book online. If a space show-up as unavailable it likely is, even it does not currently have an RV in it.

Can I have a pool?

Due to being in a desert, water is precious. We do not allow any pools, major appliances, or other high-use water items to be setup outside of your RV.  

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